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Allerdale Council wants its tenants to rent with confidence in Allerdale, and is working hard to improve housing standards in the private rental sector.
As part of this, the council uses a five-star rating scheme to help tenants understand what condition a property is in, and check if landlords and agents are meeting their legal requirements and managing properties and tenancies well.
Allerdale Council inspects and rates:

  • Privately rented accommodation
  • Landlords
  • Letting agents

The best properties, landlords and agents receive the highest rating. All ratings are clearly displayed on the website, which makes it easy for tenants to make well-informed decisions about which properties to choose.
The five-star rating scheme gives residents and tenants reassurance, and widens the choice of properties available.
For further detailed information about the scheme please contact:
How does the star rating scheme work?
Once a property has been inspected, it is awarded one of the following star ratings.

5 Stars

  • A property that is in an excellent condition.
  • An exemplary landlord or agent, which:
    • Displays high levels of management for tenants and properties
    • Goes over and above the legal requirements
    • Is a member of a landlord accreditation association
    • Has been subject to no interventions or legal action by the council in the last five years

4 Stars

  • A property that is in a good condition.
  • A good landlord or agent, which:
    • Displays good levels of management for tenants and properties
    • Meets all legal requirements.

3 Stars

  • A property that is in a satisfactory condition.
  • A satisfactory landlord or agent, which:
    • Displays satisfactory levels of management for tenants and properties
    • Meets all legal requirements.

2, 1 and 0 Star rated Properties that score below 3 stars will not appear advertised for rent on the Allerdale Council website.

1 or 2 Stars means that property meets minimum statutory standards, but the council has recommended improvements which have not yet been carried out.

0 Stars means that the property does not meet statutory standards, or is owned by a landlord who has been convicted of housing related offences. Please speak to the Allerdale team for advice.

Unrated We recommend that you always rent a rated property, so you can be assured that your health, safety and wellbeing are protected. If your property is unrated you can ask us to rate your landlord by contacting us.


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